With Dish Network Internet available nation-wide, the time to start saving money is now. Dish has heard the call of Americans far and wide looking for a solution to their high-speed internet problem from the nation’s leading television provider – and now it’s here; dishNET. Long have the questions “Can I bundle my Dish TV with Internet?” or “Does DISH offer internet service?” been asked, and the answer is Yes! New and existing customers alike can make the most of TV Internet bundles from everywhere in the nation.

What is dishNet?

HughesNet Gen4 and ViaSat, the country’s leading satellite Internet businesses, have come together in an exciting new partnership to create Dish Network Internet. Our aim is to bring clients the convenience and chance to benefit from quality high-speed internet offers and while doing so, saving them money when bundled with their current Dish Network. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, there are no limitations to taking advantage of this high-capacity, ground-breaking satellite Internet technology.

What is Dish Internet?

Though there are several reasons why Dish Internet has become increasingly more popular, we consider these as some of the key reasons why:

  • Accessible anywhere within the United States
  • Speeds that are easily comparable to 4G and up to 3x faster than standard DSL
  • Multiple tiers to select from to fit anybody’s needs, budgets and lifestyles
  • Live, US-based technical support – 24/7


Dish Network Internet Data Programs & Features

When bundled with Dish TV:

  • 5 GB Anytime Data
  • 5 GB Bonus Data
  • Surf the web, social network, listen to Pandora, download pictures and documents

When bundled with Dish TV

  • 10 GB Anytime Data
  • 10 GB Bonus Data
  • 10 Mbps Download Speed
  • Download Mp3s, stream On Demand content, link more than one device

When bundled with Dish TV

  • 15 GB Anytime Data
  • 15 GB Bonus Data
  • 10 Mbps Download Speed
  • Daily uploads and downloads of large files, more capacity

Add Dish Network Internet to any of Dish Network’s television packages of America’s Best 120 or higher and receive a $10.00/month reduction that is automatically applied for the whole first year.

Dish Internet Set up

Dish Network Internet requires all new clients to pay a $99 activation fee upon subscribing to service. The activation fee is waived if Dish Network Internet services are bundled with Dish TV. Equipment must be leased rather than bought in order for eligibility of $10.00 monthly discount. Purchase options are available upon inquire.

Dish Network Internet Data Caps

Should you ever exceed your data allowance, Dish Network will not charge you for it. The allotted amount of data that you’re given is broken up into two time windows of when it can be used – half during the day and half during certain hours of the night. In the event you’d like more data allowance, data tokens may be bought at any moment and added to your bill. Data tokens don’t roll over on the following month.

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